Meebot created for Design Lab with Ethen Curtis, Maddy Russo, Addi House and Serin Jameson.
Meebot was a conceptual idea created as part of Deakin Design Laboratory. We researched a variety of different technologies to implement, such as OLED, Motion capture technology and EAP Fibre. Drawing from our design brief, we conceptualised a variety of different iterations of the design, eventually deciding on the expandable, rolling design outlined below in our final prototype. We also created a branded identity for our product, aiming to both advertise and inform an audience of its purpose. 
We normally associate hospitals with care and support for those who are sick or injured. However, this is not always the case. There are many people requires a range of services and supports with everyday tasks, and we explored how to solve their needs by using new technology such as VR and Robotic Technology
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